Option A: Chip Swap

How it works:

  • Bring your AEM chip to Anchor Marine, 1118 Chevrier Blvd (Winnipeg)
    • COVID-19 consideration: Please call ahead! 204-474-1032
      • Anchor marine will ask for your serial # and what chip you currently have, and deal with all paperwork prior to you arriving to minimize contact.
  • Pay for your upgrade in store
  • Swap your existing chip out for a new (current year) chip

Anchor Marine, 1118 Chevrier Blvd (Winnipeg)

Option B: Chip Replacement

How it works:
  • Select the current chip that you own
  • Select the chip that you wish to upgrade to
  • Enter your chip's serial number
  • Select upgrade method - mailed chip replacement
    • Important: see mailed chip replacement info below
  • Select "Add To Cart"
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2020 ICE Content
2020 Coverage - click to enlarge

1. Mailed Chip Replacement

For customers in Winnipeg, a new 2020 AEM digital chip will be delivered to your door. Outside of Winnipeg, chips will be mailed via Canada Post. To qualify for a mailed chip replacement, you must DESTROY your current chip and provide photographic evidence. Three (3) photos are required:
  • Photo #1: The front of your AEM Micro SD card. It will say Angler's Edge Mapping or AEM on it. If it does not say either of these, it is not an AEM Micro SD. Do not accidentally destroy your Navionics card! If you are uncertain, email us Alternatively, insert the chip into your Lowrance sonar and verify you have identified the correct AEM chip.
  • Photo #2: The back of your Micro SD card, where the serial number is located. Make sure your photo clearly shows the serial number.
  • Photo #3: Break your Micro SD card in half. Take a photo of both halves of the chip, showing the back of the card (serial number). Ensure the halves are far enough apart so that we can verify the chip is broken, and that the photo is clear enough that we can verify the text on the chip.
  • Email Photos #1-3: to and mention your upgrade order. Important: retain your broken Micro SD card in case we need another picture to verify that destruction is complete.
3. Data Backup

Users should back up any additional data aside from the AEM map data that is present on their AEM chip prior to upgrading it. This may include Genesis Live map data, waypoints/routes/trails, screenshots or anything else.

2. Extended Warranty

Angler's Edge Mapping digital map SD Cards carry a one year limited warranty against SD card failure due to manufacturing defects. Following a chip upgrade, the warranty on the replacement chip will be extended for one year from the date of delivery, irrespective of original purchase date.