Option A: Chip Swap

How it works:

  • Bring your AEM chip to Anchor Marine, 1118 Chevrier Blvd (Winnipeg)
  • Pay for your upgrade in store. Cost is equivalent to the "mailed upgrade" option below (select from drop-downs below to preview price for your upgrade)
  • Swap your existing chip out for a new (current year) chip

Anchor Marine, 1118 Chevrier Blvd (Winnipeg)

Option B: Chip Upgrade

How it works:
  • Select the current chip that you own
  • Select the chip that you wish to upgrade to
  • Enter your chip's serial number
  • Select upgrade method - in store upgrade or mailed chip replacement *new*
    • See below for supplemental info re: mailed chip replacement process
  • Select "Add To Cart"
Your Current Chip Type

Current Map Chip
Desired New Chip

Desired New Map Chip
Upgrade Method
Upgrade Cost:
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2020 ICE Content
2020 Early Ice Coverage - click to enlarge

1. In-store upgrades

Customers must pre-order their upgrade in advance to be eligible for in-store upgrades by selecting the appropriate option above. Dates/times:
(None scheduled currently)

2. Mailed Chip Replacement

To be eligible for a new chip to replace a non-current chip, following payment customers are required to do the following:
  • Take a picture of the back of your Angler's Edge Mapping microSD chip clearly depicting the serial number
  • Destroy the chip by breaking it in half, then take another picture of the broken chip
  • Email both pictures to upgrade@anglersedgemapping.com & make mention of your upgrade order
This process eliminates the need for the customer to ship their chip back to AEM for re-programming, reducing turnaround time and saving the customer the cost of shipping.

3. Print Map Discount

Purchase any upgrade and receive $30 off the purchase of any AEM print map! Email us after you purchase your upgrade and we'll invoice you at the discounted rate for your print map of choice.

4. Extended Warranty

Angler's Edge Mapping digital map SD Cards carry a one year limited warranty against SD card failure due to manufacturing defects. Following a chip upgrade, the warranty on said chip will be extended for one year from the date of re-programming irrespective of original purchase date.